Industrial degreasing

Degreasing consists of removing fats, oils and grease from the surface of metals, leaving them completely free of these residues.
To carry out this process we can apply mainly 2 techniques: degreasing by vibration and degreasing by washing.

Our solutions for industrial degreasing

Energetic degreasing for all types of metals, obtaining surfaces totally free of grease, oil and drilling oils.

Liquid product for the energetic degreasing of all types of metals, obtaining surfaces totally free of grease and drilling oils. This product incorporates a corrosion inhibitor that protects the parts during and after treatment.

Energetic degreasing for cleaning and passivation of iron and steel, and can also be used in spraying or spraying installations.

Degreasing, polishing and brightening of iron parts, obtaining clear and corrosion inhibited surfaces.

Spray degreaser for weak metals such as aluminum or zamak.

Spray degreaser for iron, steel and stainless steel.

Degreaser for baths by spraying and immersion with controlled foam.

Degreaser by projection and immersion with corrosion inhibition power.

Degreaser by projection and immersion prior to painting or shot blasting.

Neutral degreaser for projection and immersion baths for iron, steel and delicate parts such as aluminum and zinc.

Degreaser by spraying and immersion for ferrous metals, steels, copper and alloys. Not suitable for aluminum and zamak.

Immersion degreaser with solvent base.