Industrial polishing

The gloss is an optical effect. In order to achieve a high gloss surface, the surface needs to have as little roughness as possible. For this we will have to previously deburr and refine the piece in question and finally polish it. Once we have managed to reduce the roughness to the minimum possible, we use a porcelain chip with zero abrasive power that is mainly used as a means to apply the polishing product, usually liquid. This type of surface is required mainly in the field of medical technology, such as surgical implants, automotive, and jewelry.

Our solutions for industrial polishing

Depending on the type of material to be polished, CONIEX offers a wide range of products:

Liquid product. It must work in dry by means of a support that can be corn sawdust or wood blocks. Used for all types of metals and alloys. Specially indicated for polishing buttons.

Liquid product. Used for polishing all types of metals obtaining highly shiny surfaces, in addition to passivate the pieces avoiding its subsequent oxidation.

Powdered product. It is used together with stainless steel spheres. Suitable for all ferrous metals, aluminum, nickel silver, bronze, brass and precious metals.

Paste type product. It should be worked dry by means of wooden blocks or lozenges. Polishing for all types of plastics.

Liquid product. Dedicated especially for polishing aluminum parts, although it is also suitable for other types of metals.

Liquid product. For polishing and descaling.