Industrial tuning

Refining is the step that normally comes after deburring, although it does not have to be this way. By means of a paste mixed with a low abrasive power chip and the movement of the vibrating machine, the small protruding peaks that may be contained in the parts are reduced and they adjust more closely to the flat surface. Thanks to this process, we achieve surfaces that are much more uniform and smoother to the touch.

Our solutions for industrial refining

Depending on the material to be refined, we will use one type of paste or another:

An abrasive paste suitable for all types of metals, stainless steel and brass, leaving a completely smooth surface. The abrasive power is somewhat lower than the CX – 37 but leaves a better finish so if we want to get a better finish we will opt, in general, for this type of paste.

An abrasive paste with similar functionality to CX – 38 but not similar in composition. It is used for all types of ferrous, stainless and brass metals, leaving a smooth surface on the part. It has a higher abrasive power than the CX – 38 so it cuts more and the process, in general, tends to be somewhat faster.