injection containers

Cold room containers are made with certified material and production process, machining, heat treatment, etc. That allow to extend the useful life with respect to the standard containers on a 50%.
Under project, we offer any type of integral or non-integral container, with or without temperature control circuit and with special work systems.

The characteristics of the injection containers sold by CONIEX are:

  • Material, heat treatments, nitriding,
  • Thermoregulation: integral, in the part of the mold and under the pouring spout
  • Lubricated: with oil in the channel, with oil externally and with powder in the pouring mouth or on the mold part

The main advantages of containers are

  • Certified material containers
  • Certified production process
  • Containers already prepared for use with COPROMEC pistons
  • Additional machining at customer request
  • Realization of customized solutions
  • A complete COPROMEC solution, Piston, rod and container, increases the duration of the assembly by an average of 50% and more.