Modular sandblasters

Modular portable sandblasters blast sand, either dry or wet, in order to treat surfaces. Manufacturing is carried out by placing the concave upper part inward. To aid in making an internal inspection, the tank is equipped with a hand hole, and there is a highly sensitive valve for closing the tank. Each machine is equipped with attachment points to carry out the lifting in a correct way.

All sandblasting machines are equipped with a remote controlled pneumatic device to start and stop the sandblasting cycle, with a safety locking system to prevent accidental start-up. They can be completed with a hose for the abrasive, a nozzle and a mask.

Modular sandblasting machines model SM

Each sandblasting machine is equipped with a double pneumatic or electric remote control, upon request. This device allows the operator, from where he works, to start and stop the machine and to unblock the abrasive output when, due to humidity, it is not regular.

Each sandblasting machine is supplied equipped with: sieve, solid rubber wheels, device for remote start and stop control, locking system and 20 m. cable to prevent accidental start-up.

Modular sandblasting machines model SMS/SMES

SMS- PYMES sandblasting machines are equipped with the abrasive dosing valve Mod. PRV, in addition to having the same characteristics as the SM-SME range. This valve is controlled by a pneumatic pulse that determines when it opens or closes in line with the start and stop of the work cycle, maintaining the previously established setting unchanged. In this way, there is the advantage of completely eliminating the initial blockage in the abrasive tube when the sandblaster is started up, up to a distance of 20 meters.

Modular sandblasting machine applications

The Modular sandblasting machine mod. SMS 220, triple remote control pneumatic, MOD KIT. WBK10Example of a modular sandblasting machine mod.SMS 220 complete with triple remote control tire and kit Mod. WBK10 air-water-sandblasting machine allows the operator, from where he is working, to perform:

  • Air-water-sandblasting with air-water-abrasive mixture
  • Interior restructuring
  • Washing of surface treated with an air-water mixture
  • Sandblasting of industrial products
  • Dry sandblasting with an air-abrasive mixture
  • Removal of traffic signs
  • Stripping of glass resin boat components and hulls
  • Blowing of the surface treated with air alone Main application sectors


This new patented system can be applied to all modular sandblasting machines and those equipped with remote control, allowing the addition of water to the air/abrasive mixture in order to obtain the following advantages in the various sectors of use:

  • the gradual reduction of dust quantities until it is completely eliminated.
  • decrease in compressed air consumption (up to approx. 25 %) in proportion to the increase in the amount of water added to the air/abrasive mixture.

Due to its characteristics, the WBK 10 kit also allows:

  • automatic interruption of the water flow when the sandblasting machine is stopped
  • regulation of water quantities by the operator from where it works a constant water flow rate of 2,5 it./min.: up to 80 mt. (max.).

The system can be supplied by being connected to the water supply or, alternatively, using a water holding tank.

Rust Stripping on Metal Parts with Portable Sandblasting Machine

Presentation of a Sandblaster / Sandblasting Machine