Molds for originals

Low temperature vulcanization molds

Coniex manufactures and supplies the SILICODISC-MA series of silicone molds, which has been designed for the manufacture of molds from original parts that cannot withstand the usual vulcanization temperatures. They are molds that vulcanize at temperatures between 90ºC and 120ºC. Depending on the alloy used, a greater or lesser number of castings are possible.

We manufacture and supply a wide range of silicone molds that vulcanize at temperatures between 90ºC and 120ºC. The SILICODISC-MA series molds are ideal for obtaining models from original parts that cannot withstand high temperatures. These molds make it possible to produce the first copies of the product to be manufactured with low shrinkage and without damaging the originals.

Range of molds for resin originals

It is a solution specially designed for manufacturers who wish to obtain their “mother or master” parts, but cannot resort to the usual centrifugal casting molds, since the original part does not withstand the vulcanization temperature of the mold.

With the rise of new technologies, and in particular with the increasing adoption of 3D technology for the manufacture of parts, the use of resin or plastic parts as originals has become popular. In addition, the original molding putties are also very popular.

One of the characteristics that affects many of these resins, plastics and mastics is that they do not withstand the usual vulcanization temperature, which is between 160-180 ºC.

To efficiently solve this problem, Coniex has developed the SILCODISC-MA series of flexible molds, which is designed and intended for the vulcanization of these originals without suffering any type of deformation or deterioration.

We manufacture two types of molds, which have a very low vulcanization temperature:


SILCODISC-MA120 – 120ºC.

To find out which of the two molds is the most suitable for your application, you can contact one of our technicians, who will be happy to help you and advise you which type of SILCODISC-MA is best suited to the vulcanization of your originals.

Production capacity of molds for originals

The high efficiency and quality of the SILICODISC-MA series has been achieved through extensive testing and trials, both in the laboratory and in industrial applications. Our SILCODISC-MA molds are characterized by their high mechanical qualities, reproduction fidelity and lower shrinkage.

Each mold of the SILICODISC-MA series allows for an acceptable number of high quality castings for the reproduction of these originals and the production of models for production molds. They can also be useful for small production runs both in resins and with tin and lead alloys.

It is important to emphasize that these are not molds with high thermal resistance, so the number of castings that can be made in tin-lead alloys will be lower than in a production mold.

With zamak alloys the number of castings that can be made is lower, but it is sufficient to obtain the models for the production molds.

Technical characteristics of Silcodisc-MA molds

  • Good resistance to tearing.
  • Low viscosity before vulcanization (raw), which facilitates its handling for mold making and part nailing, minimizing the “rebound” effect.
  • High flexibility, which allows the demolding of complicated parts.
  • High fidelity reproduction.
  • High resistance to chemical attack by casting resins.

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