Shot blasting and blasting laboratory tests

The laboratory of Coniex Urnieta (Guipuzkoa) has venturi blasting machines and direct pressure blasting installations where all kinds of tests related to shot blasting and blasting of different materials and topologies of parts can be performed or simulated. Likewise, a wide variety of metallic abrasives, glass, corundum, plastic abrasives, ceramics, etc. are available for these tests, consisting of :

  • Shot blasting
  • Blasted
  • Controlled roughness
  • Shot-peening.

Once the tests have been carried out, the treated samples are returned for physical evaluation and a complete report is delivered with:

  • Photographs of the results, general and microscopic.
  • RA Roughness measurements, before and after the process.
  • ALMEN plates and saturation graph.

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