Industrial degreasing using solvents

The industrial degreasing process using solvents in a closed circuit is ideal for applications in which the objective is to achieve a quality surface treatment together with controlled costs and a guarantee of repeatability of the results.
The equipment is available in a standard and special operation version with chlorinated solvents , aliphatic hydrocarbons, hydrofluorocarbons, brominated and HFE.
Particularly effective on complex parts with difficult geometries, such as blind holes, through holes, welding, etc., the technology achieves good degreasing through repeated stages of spraying, immersion and the vapor phase.

Solid dirt particles, such as powders, metal powders and inorganic salts are effectively removed by a process of action combined with specific movements of the cleaning baskets.

Burnt oil components or other contaminating solids on the part (oxides and polishing pastes) in turn require the action of ultrasound, which can be installed on request.

The main advantages of this solvent degreasing system:

  • Negligible emissions to the environment ( much lower than the limit indicated in the VOC 13/99 regulation ) ;
  • Savings of more than 90% of the solvent system, compared to open channels;
  • Exceptional washing and drying results (possible application in the medical, aerospace, electronics and precision industries);
  • Total removal of all residues (oils, metal powders, wax, foundry sand, etc.);
  • Dry with clean, distilled solvent each cycle (constant quality wash) ;
  • Dry clean and tight;

Range of work equipment with solvents

The Firbimatic equipment for working with solvents is divided into models that use brominated chlorinated solvents (MD-V, SF-V, EV range), models that use aliphatic hydrocarbons with a high flash point – Class A3 (Gamma MDK, SFK), and models that use special solvents (hydrofluorocarbons, etc.).

The choice of solvent and washing and degreasing equipment will depend on the degree of affinity of the solvent with the contaminants to be removed, although it depends on the nature of the material from which the part is made.

The Firbimatic equipment, fully customized and highly flexible: the SF-V and EV range, whether by solvents or chlorinated hydrocarbons (K Series), are equipped with a single large door basket (on request up to 1,500×3,000xh1,500 mm ) and are adapted for large pieces . In turn, the models of the MD and MDK series, with multiple baskets, adapt to high productivity demands. Depending on the models, you can have rotation options, or TILT I TURN THE BASKET.

There is also the possibility of degreasing by high pressure spraying, immersion baths with hot and cold water, and treatment (partial or total) with ultrasound. Washing and rinsing by spraying, immersion, and solvent vapor phase. Ultra clarification phase filtration at 5 microns. Vacuum drying or air recirculation. A subsequent phase of passivation of the pieces with special additives for a long conservation of the pieces is also possible.

Firbimatic SERIES system accessories:

  • 1 hot solvent storage tank
  • 1 solvent cold storage tank
  • 1 distillation module continues to solvent regeneration
  • Double gravitational tab of water – solvent
  • Condensation of the closed circuit of the complete system with refrigerator equipment (refrigerator) for the heat pump
  • Electric or steam heating
  • Solvent circulation system by centrifugal pump
  • Filtration system for chips and slag 200 mM
  • Computerized control of the washing and degreasing process (20 programs in memory)

Accessories on request:

  • Hot dip tank
  • Ultrasonic washing and degreasing (only for vacuum equipment)
  • Micro – 5 mM solvent filtration
  • Activated carbon scrubber – Coalperc 30/60/90/120 kg
  • Ultra distillation system – Eco System
  • Automatic cleaning of the automatic expulsion of fats and oils by distillation
  • Solvent measurement system (ppm detector)
  • Corrosion protection system of washed parts through passivation
  • Automatic or semi-automatic basket loading and unloading system
  • Automatic basket closing system
  • Solvent Additive Pump