Vibration laboratory tests

The vibration laboratory of CONIEX has all types of vibratory equipment.
vibrating equipment
We have more than 250 references of ceramic, porcelain, polyester or ureic abrasives, steel balls, as well as our own range of chemical products specifically designed for vibration. In our facilities, both conventional wet processes and our exclusive dry processes can be carried out without the presence of water or chemicals.

Depending on the needs and the objective result in surface treatment, the following processes are carried out:

  • Deburring
  • Smoothing
  • Radio creation
  • Polishing
  • Polishing
  • Precision finishing
  • Drying with sawdust
  • Centrifugal drying

Once the tests have been carried out, the treated samples are returned for physical evaluation and a complete report is delivered with:

  • Photographs of the results, general and microscopic.
  • RA Roughness measurements, before and after the process.
  • Abrasives used, material, abrasiveness, dimension, geometry and consumption.
  • Chemicals used, reference, chemical characteristics and consumption.
  • Summary of times and general process parameters.

Since wet vibration processes generate aqueous residues, during the tests the type of treatment for the residues produced in the future process is also analyzed and designed, either by physical-chemical methods, electrocoagulation or evaporation.